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Pomp, Power and Majesty.

The end of the durbar. As the Occupant of the Yiadom and Hwedie Stool of New Juaben takes leave, in accordance with tradition, he goes around the grounds to bid farewell to all assembled. The customs of the Akan kingship, has reciprocity as one of its core pillars. Here, flanked by one of his personal guard, he undertakes this custom. A Juaben King indeed, you are, Daasebre.

The Ruler of New Juaben, sitting in state, surrounded by courtiers during a durbar to welcome or celebrate the successes of a charity, in New Juaben. Reminiscent of the heydays of Juaben, the regalia of Nana, testifies that he is indeed a Juaben Ruler.
Daasebre Oti Boateng I, proceeding to a ceremonial under twirling umbrellas in Koforidua, capital of New Juaben State. Credit to Moteclife.com
Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, exchanging greetings with a Chinese High Official, during a visit to China.
Nana, indeed, makes us all proud. Mo ne yo!
The present Occupant of the Golden Stool, Opemsuo Osei Tutu II, in a joyous mood during the first celebration of the AdaeKese3 festival of his reign. (2004)
Otumfuo Opoku Ware II, Asanteman Wura (1970-1999) and immediate predecessor of the present Asante Monarch, sitting in state. On his right, can be seen the Mponponsuo swordbearer( wearing the cap of eagle feathers ).
Otumfuo Osei Agyeman Prempeh II, Occupant of the Golden Stool (1931-1970), borne high in palanquin. Nana is canopied by the Bo-aman umbrella, and is wearing the gold chest triangular chest plate, known variously as ' adabo) ' or Sebekese3. The swordbearers are seen resting the gold decorated hilts of their swords against the sides of the palanquin.

The Ahemaa (Queens) in a mournful mood and dressage. On the left of the picture, is presumably the Mpampama Queen ( guessed, as they often sit side by side, otherwise unknown...will say a royal woman, to be on safe grounds ), then seated on a cushion, bespectacled is the Queen of Juaben, Nana Akosua Akyaamaa III.
In the centre is Nana Yaa Daani II ( principal mourner) Queen of New Juaben and on the right of picture is the Queen of Bekwai. The Bekwais are Juaben in origin, and the ruling family thereof, were and are still a prinicipal branch of the Juaben royal family.
Nananom are besmeared with red ground rock ( asafie), have nyanya plants and ayihoma ropes on around their necks etc, to signify that they are in serious mourning.
This picture was taken at the funeral celebration of Nana Juaben Serwaa II ( of New Juaben ).
Credit: Ghana Review
The present Asantehemaa, Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II, (1977- )sitting in state during an Adaekese3 celebration in Kumasi in 1991. Nana now, at a very advanced age, is seen here, seated on her gold gilded stool, and surrounded by her court attendants i.e the Mmodwoafuo and the nkotimse. Credit: Abayie Boaten, Prof.

An authentic African beauty. This picture was the first formal photograph of Nana Ama Serwaa Nyarko II, taken after her installation in 1945. Nana was then in her mid-sixties. Credit to Kyerematen.

Nana Ama Serwaa Nyarko II. Asantehemaa from (1945-1977). In November of that fateful year, Nana crossed the Great River to rest forever with Nananom Adikanfo>. Nana was the eldest sister of Otumfuo Opoku Ware II's mother, Nana Akua Mansa.
Nana Kwaadu Yiadom II, (1917 - 1945) sitting in state during a Kumasi durbar. Nana was the sister of Nana Prempeh I. Nana will be remembered for her joyous Adowa dance during the restoration of the Asante Confederacy, which led to the Governor alluding to her Kentenkye hair design as a ' dancing crown', from which the word dansinkran( having overshadowed the proper name ) has its origins.
She was a formidable Queen in her own right. ( Accounts of those in the know )...Credit...Meyerowitz
Fontomfrom drum set of New Juaben. Shown here are the 2 big drums known as Bomaa. 2 Nnawuro, i.e can be seen in the background. The drummer, in this case, an dexterious Okyerema, is certainly overexcited by the tunes.
The Ruler of New Juaben, sitting in state during a mini-durbar. He is shielded by large silk umbrellas, with one of the Oyokoman Oyokoman kente design ( which call attention to his exalted royalty ). The drooping sides of the umbrella are embroidered with the Yiadom and Hwedie Great Oyoko Clan of Juaben.
Akyeame, royal courtiers, linguists, advisors, prosecutors, defenders and intermediaries between Onyankopon, the blessed dead, the lesser gods and the living, offering libation at Koforidua. They are some of the akyeame of New Juaben.

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