Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Well Moulded Heads, and Allure of the Black Complexion.

Need I say more? The finest example of the beauty of a well sculptured head in the Asante
Asante and in some cases, the Akan tradition. Note the symmetry of the face, the slight
forward projection of the forehead, the sharpness and narrowness of the nasal bridge, and
though not evident here, the roundness and slight rearward projection of the back of the
head. The smoothness and allure of the shiny black complexion, further accentuated by the
masterful application of nkoto ( sheabutter ), is self evident. Ahh! tumtum a ekyen kokoo paa
nie? Courtesy of Getty Images.

The young maidens who whisk flies and harmful spirits from the King of Ashanti's
prescence. Again, one should note the beautiful, symmetric heads. This represents
an ideal concept of an Asante/Akan female head shape. Ah...tumtum a ekyen kokoo.
The masterful application of sheabutter, also serves to accentuate the innate shimmer of
their black complexions.
The Mprakyire of the Asantehene. Ahh, this is what they call the beautiful, shiny black
complexion or? Again, note the smoothness and slightly projecting foreheads of these young
daughters of the royal house. This represents the Akan concept of beauty. Our young
mothers, take a cue. Credit: Getty Images
A representation of an ideal Asante and in some cases, Akan head. Note the symmetry
of the face ( although difficult to show, owing to picture orientation ) and the slanted or
sloping forehead. Courtesy of Getty Images

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