Thursday, 13 March 2008

An Authentic Bono, Yet, An Integral Part Of Asanteman.

The Wenchihene ( now deceased), Osagyefuo Abrefa Mbore Bediatuo VI, sitting in state in Kumasi during the celebration of an Akwasidae Kesee festival of Asanteman ( encompassing all who acknowledge allegiance to the Golden Stool, irrespective of a geographical situation).

Nana Wenchihene ( an authentic Bono, unlike some, who want to throw dust into our eyes ) was instrumental in the creation of the Brong Ahafo administrative region, yet, unlike that cabal of renegades and retrogressives, he still acknowledges the ancient and time-honoured links and ties, his Oman, Wenchi, has with Kumasi and Asanteman at large.

Nana Abrefa, dayie. Credit: Getty Images

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