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Female Soldiers and other Pictorial Accounts

The Queen of Juaben, and Occupant of the Adwubi Ofoe Great Stool, Nana Dwabenhemaa, Akosua Akyaamaa III (1994 - ) greeting her "son" in customary terms, the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. Juaben, A Royal State Of Asante, is one of the Premier, foundational States of Asante...others being Mampong, Kumasi, Bekwai ( more of an estate then), Kumawu, Kokofu, Nsuta, Aduaben(now greatly diminished in stature) and Asumegya. By the insistence upon a course of action and courageous deeds of Juaben, already an established and fully fleged Kingdom at the inception of Asante, the future of Asante, came to be guaranteed.

The Queen of Juaben, Nana Akyaamaa III, presiding over a traditional council meeting. Standing on her right, are some spokesmen/advisers( Akyeame) of the Juabenhene. Seated in front of her, are some attendants of the Juabenhene.

Nana Otuo Serebour II, The Juabenhene, sitting in state at a durbar in Kumasi. 1991

One of the female bodyguards/soldiers of the Juabenhene/Juabenman, going to take her place at the Dabekeseim of Juaben Palace, after rendering obeisance to her Sovereign. She wears a leather belt, to which are attached Sepow knifes ( used in the past to render convicted felons/enemies incapable of speech ), gunpowder pouches(ntoa ) and other insignias of her office. As is obvious, she wields a gun. Perhaps, she can teach some Silers, a few lessons.

Nana Akosua Akyaamaa III, The Queen of Juaben.

The Juabenhene, Okyerefuo Otuo Serebour II, arriving in Kumasi, for a function. 2008

Daasebre Oti Boateng I, The Ruler of New Juaben, Sitting in State At the Boaten Panin Ahenfie ( Palace ) of New Juaben, at Srodae, a surburb of the capital, Koforidua. Behind him, a Kwadwom minstrel chants some Kwadwom verses of Juaben/New Juaben.

The Mamponhene, Daasebre Osei Bonsu II, Sitting in State, during a durbar in Kumasi. 2008
Barima Asumadu Sakyi II, The Late Kumawuhene
A honorific piece of the Juaben Ntahera ( State horns of 7 in no. ) Courtesy: The Adu Boahen Reader by Toyin Falola. Click on for a magnified view.

A piece of Kwadwom, chanted by the minstrels of Juaben, when the Juabenhene sits in state. Credit: The Adu Boahen Reader, by Toyin Falola.

Nananom Juabenhene/Juabenhemaa sitting in state in Juaben, 2005.

The Juabenhemaa, Queen of Juaben, Nana Akosua Akyaamaa II (1994- ), about to sit in state at the Dabekeseim of the Juaben Palace.2005. Following her are some chiefs of Asuminamu Division of Juabenman. The Nkwantananhene, Asuminamuhene and some other chiefs, serve the Queen of Juaben directly, being in her division. Also the Konongohene, who comes under the Ohemaa's direct jurisdiction.

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An Illustration of the cloth wearing style, Ntomafra, known as the Juaben(Dwaben) Anantuo.
Credit: Centre for National Culture, Kumase.

Daasebre Otuo Serebour II, escorted by one of his guards, about to take his seat.

The Juabenhene proceeding to hold Court, at the Dabekeseim, surrounded by some of his swordbearers, Kokosesefuo (ostrich feather bearers) and other members of the Gyase( the King's household staff ).

One of the female soldiers of Juaben, salutes her Sovereign in the manner employed by the Atumtufuo of Juaben, by means of outstretched hand, wielding gun.

The Juabenhene, Nana Kofi(Otuo) Serebour I, 1906-1933. Courtesy: Rattray

The Juabenhemaa( Dwabenhemaa ) Nana Akosua Akyaamaa I. Courtesy: Rattray, 1920s

The Juabenhene and Juabenhemaa with one of the Juaben Stools, adorned with Gold Strips.
Courtesy: Rattray

The Juabenhene, Nana Otuo Serebour I, and the Juabenhemaa, Nana Akyaamaa I, with some heirlooms of State. Courtesy of Rattray.....1920s

One of the female bodyguards/Soldiers of Juabenhene and Juabenman. A belt of Sepow knives, Ntoa, a container of gunpowder, and other accoutrements are worn by her. Less obvious, is the gun in her hand.

Osekyerehene Otuo Serebour II, about to proceed to Court.

Some Swordbearers of the Juabenhene in the Palace, awaiting the Ruler.

Yiadom and Hwedie Ahenfie in Adu Ampoforo Antwi Royal Town of Juaben.

Ntahera Hornblowers of Juaben, in one of the inner Courtyards of the Palace.

The Entrance To The Dabekeseim of the Palace. A Raised Platform ( Sumpie ) used by the Juabenhene and Juabenhemaa is in the foreground of this picture.

Foregrounds of the Yiadom and Hwedie Palace of Juaben.

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