Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Okuapehemaa(Queen of Akuapem), Nana Dokua II

The Okuapehemaa, Queen of Akuapem, sitting in state at Akropong, Akuapem. During the Odwira, 2009, festival of the Chiefs and People of Akuapem. Nana has been Queen for about 43years.
Oh the glittering beautiful crow! With the forbidden flesh--not edible, My fore-fathers come from the Great Street in Akyem Abuakwa Kyebi, before which they came from Banso, before which, they came from Adanse Kokobeante.
My people are noble and live in affluence, Asona Werempeakwa, Grandfather of Nana Wiafe Akenten, Kuntunkununku Damenam nana.
Innumerable as the Sea Sand. My symbol is the Red Snake. Indeed I'm wonderful
Clan Appellation of the Asona.........Royaume Ashanti
Pic Credit: Peacefm Online
Nana Dokua II, a committed Christian and Deaconess of the Pentecost
in a chat at her residence in Akropong, with some Pentecost Elders.
Credit: Pentecost, Ghana.
Nanahemaa, borne aloft in her Sako. Odwira 1976.

Nana Okuapehemaa, borne aloft in her Sako, during an Odwira in Akuapem.
Picture Source Unknown.

Nana in a regal and motherly pose. Credit: Statesman

Nana in her younger days. Credit: Statesman

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