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A Sensation In Accra. Credits:Samuel Ampah, Sweggs.

Okurotwiamansa wo sesia Kurotwiamansa is in the undergrowth;
sesia woso biribi the undergrowth shakes very much;
Kurotwiamansa Kurotwiamansa
nante bere bere walk softly softly
Ohene King
nante bere bere Walk softly, softly

Yiadom Nana a, yede akobo) gye wo taa taa. Proud Descendant of King Adarkwa Yiadom of Dwaben, hailed in his majesty, who walks to the accompaniment of bullets.

Okyekye akuro brempon a ode ne man nam. Ohene kokuroko, gu mu berebere, berebere.

Daasebre Oti Boateng I of New Juaben, walking in state to the throbbing of fontomfrom drums borne behind him. Parading infront, are some of the numerous swords of New Juaben. These, have on them, gold replicas of certain momentous events in the history of Juaben, which have been symbolically represented. Others are reflective of the benevolence of the Ruler etc.
Okurotwiamansa is the strong name for a leopard in the Twi language.

Daasebre Oti Boateng I.
Daasebre Oti Boateng I, and Nana Yaa Daani II, sitting in state during the Independence celebration in Accra, Ghana. 2007

The female ruler of New Juaben, Nana Yaa Daani II, underneath the big umbrella. Nana succeeded the venerable Nana Juaben Serwaa II of New Juaben. It will be recalled, that unfortunately, the installation of the successor to Nana Serwaa, has caused some lingering family problems in Koforidua, even to this day. In white, underneath the small umbrella, in the foreground of the picture is Nana Akosua Afrakomaa, the Adwamponhemaa.

The Retinue of the New Juabenhene in Accra. In the foreground, infront of the Ruler, are some sword and gun bearers of the traditional polity.

Nana Adaakwa Yiadom II, of New Juaben. Nana ruled on two different occasions. Nana occupied the Great Stool of New Juaben on two different occasions. He succeeded Nana Osei Hwidie, his brother, and ruled from 1936 to 1940. Then from 1945 to 1959 when he crossed the Great River. From 1940 - 45, Nana Yaw Sarpong I ( Nana Kwame Gyapong ) ruled. Nana Adaakwa Yiadom II was succeeded on the Konkori Stool by Nana Agyeman Akrase I.

In a show of fraternity, Daasebre attended the Kloyosiplem festival of the neighbouring state of Yilo Krobo.
At a ceremony to welcome President Bush to Ghana. Nana Oti Boateng I, proceeds in state. Behind him, in cloth is I believe, the Anantahene of original Juaben.

Nana Yaa Daani II, The Queen of New Juaben.

Ahoofe yopuo. A beautiful Dansinkran ( kentenkye ) hairstyle of Nana Adwamponhemaa--Nana Akosua Afrakoma--of New Juaben. Asanteman is greatly indebted to this royal lineage of Juaben, owing to a deed of one of their ancestors.
Some divisional Queens ( Ahemaa ) of New Juaben. Beneath the Umbrella is the Adahemaa of New Juaben.
Some Chiefs Of New Juaben at Ghana@50.

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