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When The World Came To Juaben ( Dwaben ). Credit To Toyin Falola.

Okyerefuo Otuo Serebour II, The Juabenhene and Head of the Royal Oyoko Lineage of Asante ( Oyokohene of Asante ), Oyoko Abohyen Mu Piesie Biremponkese3, Ohene Kokroko, Asanteman Gyefuo, Okotwa asuo, Okesekeredu Akomea a okoforo Kwasampire Buo, of Great Ancestry Sitting in State. On his left, is the Juabenhemaa ( Queen of Juaben), Nana Akosua Akyaamaa III.
One of the main daises, known in Twi as Sumpie of the Juabenhene.

Nana Otuo Serebour II, THE JUABENHENE.

Osekyerehene a tena ase. Adee akye oo! Osekyerehene has sat in state.

Nana about to sit in state, escorted by the ' so me sisi ', literally, hold my waist personal attendants and guards.
Mourners, Making Their Way to the Dais.

Daasebre Cometh. Behind him is one of the Mmentia ( short horn ) blowers.

The Occupant of the Yiadom and Hwedie Great Stool, arrives at the funeral.

An Ntahera hornblower.

Nana Juabenhene's retinue arriving at the funeral grounds. Nana Juabenhemaa's retinue also follows.

One of the Ntahera set ( consisting of 7 large horns )of Juabenman. The other set has been detailed to the New Juaben Stool in Koforidua.

Some of the Divisional Chiefs of Juaben, At the Burial Ceremony.

Illustrious Son of Juaben,. Prof. Emeritus Adu Boahen

Illustrious Son of Juaben, rest in peace. Prof. Emeritus Adu Boahen.

Other Drums In The Palace.

Drummers in the Dabekesie of the Palace.

The Main Entrance, Which leads to one of the numerous 'prama' of palace. This area is often referred to as the Dabekesie.
Part of the main Palace Structure In The Background.

Ahenbronum...as the Juaben Palace grounds are known in Juaben language.
Grounds Of The Dwaben Palace.

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