Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Osekyere Akuamoa....Akwasidae Celebration

Osekyerehene Otuo Serebour II, The Dwabenhene(Ruler of Dwaben) and Nana Akosua Akyaamaa III, The Dwabenhemaa(Queen of Dwaben) sitting in state in Kumasi, at an Akwasidae Celebration on 19/04/2009. In actual fact, the upcoming Adaekesee/Odwira festival of Asanteman, ought to have been celebrated on this day, but due to other considerations, it was decided to do so on the 26/04/2009. A mini durbar, was hence held on the 19th of April,2009.
Daasebre Serebour II, an oldboy, arriving at a function held by Opoku Ware Secondary School in Kumasi.
Ntahera Horn Appellation of Juaben, in honour of the Juabenhene, Nana Akuamoa Boaten Panin(Osekyere Nyempene). This recalls one of his valiant deeds. Credit: Adu Boahen Reader, by Toyin Falola
Nana Juabenhemaa, Nana Akosua Akyaamaa III, arriving at the Akwasidae of 19/04/2009, in Kumasi.
Osekyerehene arrives. Okyerefuo Otuo Serebour II, arriving at the Akwasidae on 19/04/2009 in Kumasi.
The Juabenhemaa, undertaking a function in Kumasi. This was to do with the commissioning of the Asantehemaa's statue. On her right, is the Queen of Kokofu.

Daasebre Oti Boateng I, the Ruler of New Juaben, sitting in state, during the Akwantukese festival held in November, 2008. Seated on his right, is one of the Royals(Adehye3) of Juabenman, i.e the Mpampamahene of New Juaben.
The Ruler of New Juaben, sitting in state during the Akwantukese3 festival.

Daasebre Oti Boateng I, at the Boaten Ahenfie of New Juaben. In the background, standing are some divisional chiefs of Juaben and New Juaben.

The Mpampamahene of New Juaben
The Santanhemaa of New Juaben about to proceed in state. 2008

The Nsenniehene of Juaben...now domiciled in Koforidua, New Juaben, at the Boaten Ahenfie of New Juaben. Note his distinctive headgear. He is the head of the Heralds(Esen) of the Juaben/New Juaben

Juabenhene at a function

The Asantehemaa, Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II, arriving at the Akwasidae durbar in Kumasi on 19/04/2009. Inspite of her very advanced years, Nana to this day, is very active.

Nana Juabenhemaa, giving an address, at the commissioning of the Asantehemaa's statue. Nana Asantehemaa is standing underneath the black umbrella. Nana Kokofuhemaa is to the right of Nana Juabenhemaa.
Lady Julia, Asantehene's personal Queen Speaks.

Nana Juabenhemaa seated at a function in Kumasi. Nana is in the Green Kente

Nana Mamponhene, Daasebre Osei Bonsu II, seated at the Akwasidae in Kumasi on 19/04/2009

Nana Mamponhemaa, Nana Agyakomaa Dufie II arriving at the durbar in Kumasi. 19/04/2009

Credit: Images in most instances were taken from Manhyia websites and other sources.

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