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Adaekese3 Festival of Asante Pictures/Other Customs

The Sikadwa Kofi, Golden Stool being outdoored, i.e borne in a procession to the durbar grounds on 19/04/2009, during the celebration of the Adaekesee Festival at Manhyia Dwaberem.

Otumfuo Osei Tutu II sittiing in state with one of his gold plated stools, substituting for the Golden Stool on 26/04/2009, during his 10th anniversary celebration.

Osekyerehene Otuo Serebour II, The Juabenhene and Chairman of the Planning Committee of the celebrations welcoming Pres. Mills to the durbar grounds on behalf of Asanteman.

The Asantehene Otumfuo Osei II, sitting in state at Manhyia Dwaberem on 19/04/2009 during the celebration of the Adaekesee. On his left, seated on the Hwedom Chair, is the National Stool of Asanteman, i.e the Golden Stool.

The Asantehene, borne aloft in a palanquin.

By Prempeh I, History of Asante kings, detailing some useful histories and basis of command

Nana Asokorehene, Susubiribi Asante, reading the citations on the awards. On his right is the Dwabenhene, Otuo Serebour II. The Asokorehemaa or Queen of Asokore, Nana Bruku Yaa, is on the r.h.s of this picture. Asokore is a paramountcy of old in Asante.Headed by the Ekuona Clan. Berekum in Brong Ahafo region is a derivation of the Asokore State. With its original name being
Berekum Asokore Domtene. Nana Amankona Diawuo who hailed from the royal dynasty of Asokore was stationed there by King Opoku Ware I, with troops from Asokore under his command, to serve as an early warning station to Asanteman.
Nana Otuo Serebour II, The Juabenhene Presents An Award. 26/04/2009.

Daasebre Oti Boateng I of New Juaben, the other half of Juabenman. Daasebre is the elder biological brother of Nana Otuo Serebour II of Juaben. In terms of Stools however, he occupies the Junior Stool of Juabenman. Their late mother, Nana Akosua Akyaamaa II alias, Nana Akosua Domtie, reigned as Queen of Juaben from 1969 to 1994. She was in turn succeeded by her daughter, Nana Akosua Akyaamaa III, current Queen of Juaben, i.e Juabenhemaa and elder sister of the two brothers, i.e Daasebre Oti Boateng and Nana Serebour II. Ampa, Nananom, mo ay3 bi ampa. The pedigree of these current Occupants of the Juaben Kingly and Queenly Stools, bear testament to the quality of the Pure Blood Royal Stock of Juabenman.

The Asantehene sitting in state at the Kumasi Sports Stadium.

The Asantehemaa, Queen of Asante, greets the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

Nana Juabenhene at the governmental dais. The Chief Justice, Justice Woode partially obscured and the Attorney General,( of Ga and Asante parentage, hailing from Jamestown and Ankaase) Betty Mould Iddrissu(in spectacles) appear in this picture.

The King of New Juaben At a Function. His Kete drums are in the background.
The Juabenhene at the durbar grounds on 26/04/2009. Nana is being led in the procession by his swordbearers with one having a gold replica of a Kuduo vessel, depicted there on. About time Nana did something about the gold adornment of the sword handles, skull caps etc which owingto age and the disruptions in Juaben in the past, have deteriorated. Certainly it is within means, if for instance the financial outlay on projects going on in Juaben, are considered.
They don't befit your status, Daasebre.

Credit: The King Returns. Interview with Nana Kwadwo Nyantakyi, Sanaahene of Kumasi.

How a Juabenhene(Dwabenhene) ought to greet Otumfuo, the Asantehene. I.e, the headband remains on, with just a slight heave of it, but it remains on the head nonetheless. The cloth on the left shoulder is not completely taken off. It is moved slightly, but the shoulder isn't bared.
In this picture, Daasebre Oti Boateng I, depicts this, when he called on Otumfuo Opoku Ware II, the predecessor of the currrent occupant of the Golden Stool. Daasebre is the Ruler of New Juaben.

Daasebre Oti Boateng I, of New Juaben(Dwaben)
Nana Otuo Serebour II

Ex-Pres. Rawlings, Otuo Serebour II in Kente looking on as Asokorehene reads his citation.

Okyerefuo Serebour II, Ruler of Dwaben, arriving at the Asanteman Adwabo(durbar) at Manhyia Dwaberem on 19/04/2009.

Nana Asantehemaa, Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II, borne aloft in her Sako, palanquin, at the Kumasi Sports Stadium, 26/04/2009.

The above lends further proof to the fact of Nana Juabenhene having the prerogative to come to durbars of Asanteman, after the Asantehene is seated.

Juabenhene and Juabenhemaa sitting in state at Manhyia Dwaberem.

Nana Asantehemaa.
Juabenhemaa, Nana Akosua Akyaamaa III, arriving at Manhyia Dwaberem with her retinue.

Nana Juabenhene welcoming invited guests to the durbar. Above, he greets Pres. Mills

Then Nseniehene of Juaben, now domiciled in Koforidua, at the Boaten Ahenfie of New Juaben.
Note his distinctive headgear.

The Mamponhene and Mamponhemaa, Nana Osei Bonsu II and Nana Agyakomaa Dufie III sitting in state at Manhyia Dwaberem on 19/04/2009.

Mamponhene Osei Bonsu II, arriving at the durbar grounds of Manhyia, led by his sword-bearers. 19/04/2009.

The Queen of Mampong, Mamponhemaa Nana Agyakomaa Dufie III arriving at the durbar grounds, Manhyia Dwaberem.

Ex-Pres. Kuffour and ex-first lady, Theresa Kuffour at the durbar grounds at Manhyia Dwaberem.19/04/2009.

Amansie Prammire, The Bekwaihene Karikari Appau II, about to proceed to the durbar grounds. 19/04/2009.

The retinue of the Bekwaihene. Nana is led to the durbar grounds by his swordbearers and Ntahera horn blowers. Bekwai, is one of the important Asante states. Bekwai it was, that fought the most, expended the most of its financial resources, in the civil war prior to Prempeh I's enstoolment. It fought on the side of Prempeh I. Yet, when it came to the rewards, Bekwai was cheated, owing to the machinations of Asantehemaa Yaa Akyaa I, mother of Prempeh I, who feared further empowering a fellow Oyoko state. Till today, others who didn't contribute as much as Bekwai are rather reaping the rewards.The Bekwaehene is the direct blood brother of the Juabenhene. Owing to a succession dispute, in the Juaben Royal Family, of which they were a part of, they left Dwaben and subsequently foundered Bekwae in Amansie.

The Adontenhene of Kumasi and Asante, sitting in state. Nana Adontenhene is the one in the centre of the picture in Kente cloth. The Adontenhene with his seat at Aduaben, is one of the foundational pillars of Asanteman. I.e the Asante Amantuo Num. These states came together to form the Union on an equal basis. They are Juaben, Kwamang/Kumasi, Mampong, Aduaben and Assumegya.

Nana Adontenhene, on the r.h.s of picture, sitting in state with his brother chief, at Manhyia Dwaberem. 19/04/2009

Nsutahene, Nana Adu Agyei Bonsafo II, sitting in state at Adaekesie durbar. 19/04/2009.

Nsutahene sitting in state at Manhyia Dwaberem with his brother chiefs.
Nana Akyempemhene, Oheneba Adusei Poku I, biological son of Otumfuo Opoku Ware II(1970-1999)

Akyeame of Manhyia pouring libation as part of ceremonies to welcome invited guests to Asante.
The Adanses at the durbar. Adanse at present has no Paramount Ruler. The Queen of Adanse, Nana Kwantwiwaa Pomaa III is slightly to the right of this picture.

The Offinsohene, Nana Wiafe Akenten III

Nana Juaben Serwaa II of New Juaben. Nana after a long reign passed away in 1999.

Nana Yaa Daani II, New Juabenhemaa and successor to Nana Juaben Serwaa II of New Juaben. Nana is seated underneath the umbrella. To the front of her, slightly offset to the right are her Mmodwoafuo or female attendants. Other sub-Queens of New Juaben are also shown. Standing, and giving a speech is Nana Ama Amponsah, the Adahemaa of New Juaben.

Nana Akosua Akyaamaa III, Queen of Juaben, holding court in Juaben. To her right, are some linguists of the Juabenhene. Seated behind her, to her right, is Nana Ahenkan, the Ahenemahene of Juaben. In Juaben, and in accordance with proper Akan custom, the Queen assumes full rulership of the state, when the male Ruler is absent. By way of travel or a demise. When he is present, then he rules on behalf of the Queen, the owner of the State. In effect, a co-rulership of the state, ensues, when the male Ruler is around.

The late Queen of Kokofu, Osagyefuo Ataa Birago II, at a durbar in Kumasi, in 1995.

Royals of Juabenman, i.e Old and New Juaben, at the funeral of the late Juabenhemaa, Nana Akosua Akyaamaa II in 1994.
Adosoa, consisting of Mprakyire, other male and female dancers at the funeral of Nana Kwaku Boateng II of New Juaben.

Nana Amankwaa Ababio, Queen of Akokofe at the durbar grounds at Manhyia, 19/04/2009.
An Ohemaa Proceeding to the Durbar Grounds.

The Queen of Edweso, Nana Yaa Asantewaa II.

Ahemaafuo at the Adaekese3 durbar of 26/04/2009.

Mprakyire, Young Maidens who are either daughters, granddaughters or Royals.

The Mprakyire in action, Adaekesee3 durbar of 19/04/2009.

The Mprakyire once more at the Adaekese3 durbar on 26/04/2009.

Mprakyire, young maidens wielding horsetails in the procession of the Asantehene.
At the durbar on 19/04/2009.

Mponponsuo Swordbearer of the Bekwaihene. 1901.

Mponponsuohene of the Asantehene. Leading the procession with other Mponponsuofuo. 26/04/2009

Young Girls Bearing the yaawa containing sacred waters from the River Tano. Known as Ntanosuo.

Credits: Pictures in this blog, were culled from Manhyia websites, Kumasi.info website, own sources, Myjoyonline, Peacefmonline and books, the titles of which have already been stated.
Credit also goes to Ghanaweb and the Ghana Govt. Website.

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