Friday, 19 October 2007

Nananom Ahemaa of Juaben and Asante.

Disregard this....technology gone haywire.

The Queen of Asante, the Asantehemaa, Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II. This picture of Nana, was taken not too long after she was enstooled. I wonder how many, so-called modern women of today, can retain their beauty, well into their late 60s? Nana was in her late 60s in this picture. Perhaps we all ought to take a cue and return to native diets and ways. Nana Hemaa, is now well into her late 90s, and still in good health. As the saying goes, ' s3 okusie se ob3 dane ahwea a, ne dua poma no '. To wit, if the rat says it wants to turn into an ahwea ( a type of rat like creature) but without a tail, it's tail, gives it away. My fellow women and even men these days, bleaching or toning as some say, renders the black skin weak, aged, and wrinkled.

Nana Juaben Serwaa II, Osekyerehene, sitting for a portrait. Nana typifies, the beauty, elegance, intelligence, courage and attractiveness of the royal stock of Juaben. One then,

can understand why Osei Kwame ( Nana ), was so beguiled and entranced by the beauty of

Agyeiwaa Badu ( a royal of Dwaben ) that he even neglected to carry out his duties as the
monarch, and instead chose to stay at Dwaben for a considerable time.

Nana, was about 50 years of age in this picture, and even now, aged 98, is wrinkle less and still a


Nana Dwaben Serwaa II, with some palace attendants at a sitting. Nana appears here in partial regalia. Nana, was noted r the prominence role she played in Asanteman and Ghana during the era of Ghana's first government. Being well-versed in the customs, traditions and practices of Akan governance, Nana proved equal to the challenge of ruling on such a major stool, as that of Juaben. She ruled in a dual capacity as King and Queen of Juaben.

Nana Dwaben Serwaa II, Dwabenhene, seated on a Hwedomtea Chair in 1959. Culled from Osei Kwadwo's book.

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