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OTUMFUO OSEI TUTU II.....Kwadwom piece from Kumasi.

The Occupant of the Golden Stool and 16th King of Asante, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Opemso>, seated on one of his personal gold plated stools.

This extract is from the Nwentene ( long ) version of the Kwadwom chant. This was performed at the funeral of the late Otumfuo Opoku Ware II. It begins with a general praise appellations ( in honour of any Asante King ), and continues with tracing the King's ancestry and making references, first to the preceding King Nana Osei Tutu Agyeman Prempeh II, then to the deceased King himself. ( Obviously, this chant is by the Kwadwom minstrels of Nana Asantehene ).

Osagyefo gye adwa gu ase Okuduo Asante Na Adu tena ase aayi

Kotokohene tena ase, Krobeahene tena ase aayi

Merema wo Krobea Yirefi Anwoma ene Kotoko aayi

Asante atwa ntire agu oo Twum Akyampon nofong aayi

Asante asiesie bo o suman-titi aayi

Krobea Asante Na Adu ee tena ase aayi

Osei Tutu merema wo due ne awisi o

Hwan na obenya se Edweso Owusu Panin ne Akua Bakoma Sikapo ba ne wo

Obi nyaa saa bi a anka obeyebi

Maanu Atie Dufie ba Dammirifa nyane aayi

Kyerewa Nintofie mmo gyee

Osodofo dade eduru Twum oo Akyampon nofonn aayi

osi ani kurowi oo suman-titi aayi

Agyaako Agyare na adee asee do aayi

Akusie bi ekum boro Twum Akyampon nofonn aayi

Agyakwa a ofiri see Firampon dammirifa Awisi

Opoku Ware me mmo wo din nwe awisi oo

Hwan na obe nya se Gyaakye Opoku Panin ne Akyaa Ayikwan ba ne wo

Obi nyaa saa bi a anka obe ye bi

Mema wo Dwabendo Adaakwa Yiadom aayi

Yiadom Nana a ye de akoboo gye wo taataa oo Twum oo Akyampon nofonn aayi

onto sika pina tweasaaman Na Adu Agyaako hene aayi

Agyaako Yeboa Abankoro edwom fre wo o

Osagyefoo ee Firampon, dammirifa oo.

English Translation:

Osagyefuo, a seat for you, descendant of Okuduo Asante, sit down,

King of Kotoko, sit down, King of Korobea sit down.

I am handing over to you Korobea Yirefi Anwoma Kotoko

Asante, noted for deeds of bravery, Twum Akyampong Nofong

Asante is ready for your arrival, O powerful spirit.

Sit down Adu descendant of Krobea Asante.

Osei Tutu, permit me to call you thus

Who would not like to be the child of Owusu Panin of Edweso and Akua Bakoma renowned for the gold nugget?

Anyone who had it would like it

Child of Atie Dufie, Dammirifa, that keeps vigil, wake up

At Kyerewa Ninto's house, jaws do not rest

Love that climbs over iron, o, Twum Akyampon Nofong

When he steps, his feet fall gently and noiselessly, o, powerful spirit

Agyaako Agyare, something has gone amiss yonder

Rats that kill by poisonous means, Twum Akyampon Nofong

Agyaako of Osei Firampon's lineage, condolences.

Opoku Ware, permit me to call you thus

Who would not like to be the child of Opoku Panin of Gyaakye and Akyaa Ayikwan

Anyone who had it would like it

I hand over to you, Adaakwa Yiadom of Juaben ( Dwaben )

Yiadom, conqueror, hailed in his majesty by bullets as he walks along Twum Akyampon Nofong

King Adu Agyaako, grandchild of Asaaman that deals in gold

Agyaako Yeboah, a man among men, called by the praise singers

Osagyefo Firampon, condolences.

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