Sunday, 7 October 2007

New Juaben, A Pictorial Rendition, 3

The Overlord of New Juaben, Obenfuo Oti Boateng I, Daasebre, sitting in state during the climax of the Akwantukese festivities in Koforidua. Daasebre, is seated on a special chair, crafted in commemoration of the festival.

The Ruler of New Juaben, Okoforobour Oti Boateng I, in a regal pose.

A citizen of New Juaben, making obeisance to the Yiadom and Hwedie Akonnwakesee' of New Juaben. Appearing on Daasebre's left, is the Queen of New Juaben, Nana Yaa Daani II. The Mponponsuohene, wearing a cap of eagle feathers, can be seen seated in front of the King, to his left.

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