Sunday, 7 October 2007

New Juaben, A Pictorial Rendition, 2

The New Juabenhene seated in a palanquin, listening to the throbbing of the New Juaben fontomfrom. A big bomaa drum ( of the fontomfrom set ) can be seen just behind his person in the picture.

Daasebre, borne majestically in a palanquin during an Akwantukese festival celebration in Koforidua, capital of New Juaben and the Eastern region of Ghana. Nana as seen in this picture appears in the full regalia of state. Resting on the right hand side of the palanquin, borne by the Mponponsuohene of New Juaben, is the Mponponsuo sword of New Juaben, having as an abosodie ( symbolic emblem, a gold cast of a puff-adder). The hilt of the sword is sheated in leopard skin, and also attached to it is a smaller sword.

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