Sunday, 7 October 2007

Juaben King, At Akwantukese Festival.

The King of Juaben ( Nana Dwabenhene ), Okyerefoo' Otuo Serebour II, sitting in state in a fierce like manner, as befits his pedigree ( being of a noble warrior stock, that won many a laurel in mighty battles past ) during one of the Akwantukese festivals in Koforidua, capital of New Juaben.

As custom dictates, as soon as Nana Juabenhene takes his seat at any durbar, the Sanaahene of Juaben, has to offer a prayer of thanks to Nana Onyankoropon, Nananom Nsamanfo etc. This prayer is offered in one of the oldest modes of prayer known to mankind, that of libation pouring.

Nana is seated in a specially designed seat, which is only sat upon during the Akwantukese festival celebration.

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