Sunday, 7 October 2007

New Juaben, A Pictorial Rendition, 1

The King of New Juaben, regally sitting in state. Partially obscured, on the King's left, can be seen the Queen of New Juaben, Nana Yaa Daani II, and seated behind her, is Nana Akosua Afrakoma, the Adwamponhemaa of New Juaben. The Adwampons, I stand for correction here, appear to be a branch of the royals of Dwaben.

A stool attendant, in a curious headgear, appears immediately behind Daasebre's chair.....Credit, once again to Foxy Travel Agency.

Daasebre Oti Boateng I, proceeding to a durbar ground, being led by the state swordbearers of New Juaben.......Courtesy of Foxy Travel Agency

The elegantly carved Fontomfrom drum ensemble of New Juaben. As the picture depicts, the drummers ( asokwafoo' ) are busy living up to their name. Perhaps, they are playing the Atopere or maybe, the Akantam( recital of wise sayings ) tunes....Picture, courtesy of

Foxy, travel agency.

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